Weight Watchers Smart Beginnings Review, Ham and Cheese Scramble

I am always looking for something quick and easy for breakfast to bring to work.  A couple weeks ago I discovered Weight Watchers new breakfast line called Smart Beginnings.  The line includes French Toast with Turkey Sausage, Pancakes and Turkey Sausage, Three Cheese Omelet to name just a few; they all have a 5 – 7 point value so a perfect way to start the day. Today I had the Ham and Cheese Scramble.  It smelled really good well I was cooking it in the microwave, in fact a couple of people commented on how good it smelled.  It took only 3 minutes to cook and I just had to stir it once after 2 minutes.  The breakfast had scrambled egg whites, ham, roasted potatoes and was topped with cheese.  I was surprised how tasty it was; and that it only had 220 calories and 5 PointsPlus if you are on the Weight Watchers Points program.  The eggs were cooked well, the potatoes were good and the cheese added a lot of flavor.  I also liked the seasoning; it had just the right amount of pepper on them.  I would defiantly have this breakfast again and highly recommend it.   

Special K Pastry Crisps

I recently tried Special K’s Pastry Crisps in Blueberry and found them to be very delicious.  They are so crispy and light; the frosting adds a bit of sweetness.  You get two pastry crisps in each package of 100 calories, which is a perfect snack size to satisfy your sweet tooth.  They come in four great flavors, Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolatey Delight, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon.  . I am always looking for a low calorie snack and these would be a great snack to keep in my drawer at work or  purse for whenever I need a little sweet treat or pick me up. I would recommend you try them too!

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  1. I was just checking out ur site and I love the WW Ham & Cheese scramble too!! One of my favs! And obviously I am also a fan of the WW string cheese...LOL!!!