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Gabrielle March has always known her place in the world and it is clearly not in the ranks of the rich and famous. Now she’s about to get an amazing gift from someone who is rich and famous that will rewrite her past, change the course of her future and put her life in danger. As someone who’s  always considered herself merely a spectator in life, Gabrielle will have to break out of the confines of that mind set to make her dreams a reality. All she needs is a mega dose of courage and some positive thinking— two traits in short supply—to finance her  own video production company and take her rightful place in a world that should have been hers all along.
After surviving the divorce from hell, corporate king pin, Pierce Hastings, is back in the game. Finding the right woman was not happening until the exasperating, opinionated, utterly charming Gabrielle March invades his life. He’s baffled  that  a woman so outwardly bold and confident  harbors such self doubt and low self esteem beneath her skin. Pierce wants to spend the rest of his life with her but first Gabrielle must learn to love herself and believe in her amazing talent. Known as the “fixer,” Pierce wars with himself to remain “hands off” until Gabrielle figures things out for herself and chooses to become the woman he knows she can be.


In one media or another, Christy McKee has written her entire life.  In middle school, she started a neighborhood newspaper in her hometown in Ohio.  Stories about whose poodle just had puppies or where the Millers spent their vacation were pretty boring—at least to her— so she embellished with a few bits of overheard gossip  which got her into big time trouble with the neighbors.  Amid a flurry of apologies issued by her parents, Christy’s news operation folded overnight and she was shipped off to a nearby summer camp.  Clearly she was not cut out to be a newspaper woman.
Christy’s degree in Radio-TV-Film opened a world of creative possibilities. She enjoyed her work as a reporter and news anchor in Missouri and Ohio, but after a few years she gave in to her creative itch and moved into production. Although not as glamorous as being “on air” it satisfied her growing passion to create a story and characters—even if those characters only existed inside a 30 second TV commercial. It was a short time fix for someone who craved a more diversified range of opportunities.  Christy took a brave leap—sacrificing a regular paycheck— to work as a full time freelancer,  writing/producing everything from travel brochures to radio commercials. It wasn’t enough— she wanted to create her own fictional world and fill it with unforgettable characters. Finally three years ago, Christy beat back self-doubt and embraced the risk and exhilaration of writing and never looked back.

After four incarnations and a year under the bed, Christy’s debut novel Maybe Too Good to Be True was released in August, 2012. She lives in Ohio with her family  and her two “Lab” assistants, Gracie and Lambeau. 

My Review:

What a good good easy to read story.  I really liked how the author described the character.  She made it very easy to read the till the end.

Gabrielle March lived in a small town in Georgia, she was an only child and both her parents had passed away.  She was trying to keep her fathers paper a live - but had no money to do so.  On her birthday she received a strange letter in the mail from Elizabeth Hastings asking her to come for the 4th of July holiday.  She had sent a ticket and explained she needed to talk to her about her father and said she had something to explain to her.  Gabrielle was unsure what to do but she did end up going to visit.  She was arrived with her dog Max.  She met both of  Elizabeth son Pierce and there was something there.  

Will the secret Elizabeth has to share be well taken? What happens with Pierce and Gabrielle? You will need to read Maybe too Good to Be True to see what happens.  I think you will enjoy the story.

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