Friday, December 7, 2012

Wits & Wagers Game Giveaway!

The Wits & Wagers Party Game by North Star Games is a great game to pick up for the holiday season!! If you are having company come stay or just come over this game will provide some great entertainment, it would also be great for a game night anytime! Plus, it would make a great gift!
Wits & Wagers test your knowledge of all things numbers. For question ask, "What is the average weight of the heaviest flying bird?" Well, I have no idea, but that is what makes this game fun! Now there are some questions I might have a good guess on but not that one. :)
How To Play Wits & Wagers
  • First you read a question out loud, then everyone writes down their guess on their Answer Board. The boards are placed face down at first on the table. Once, everyone has a guess flip the Answer Boards over and sort them from smallest to largest. If two are more are the same stack them together.
  • Each team member then uses their Betting Tokens and places them on the answer(s) they believe are the closest to being correct with out going over. You don't even have to bet on your own answer if you think someone else might know better. Then, flip over the Question Card and read the correct answer.
  • The person who wrote the winning answer gets one Poker Chip. Also, one Poker Chip goes to everyone who placed a token on the winning guess for each token. At the end of the came the person with the most Poker Chips wins!
For ages 8+. For 4 or more players. You canbuy Wits & Wagers at Walmart.

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