Monday, November 5, 2012

Jeremy's Christmas Journey Blog Tour

Thank you for stopping at my spot on Jeremy's Christmas Journey Blog Tour. This Virtual Book Tour is brought to you by Cedar Fort Blog Tours. I will provide you with a synopsis of the book, review, excerpt and a small bio from Scott Johnson. Visit the other blogs on this Book Tour to learn more about this book.

About the book:

For Jeremy, Christmas is just another reminder that he’ll never be able to enjoy the things that come so easily to other children. Then one night he has a dream that will change everything. Accompanied by stirring music, this story of finding faith and discovering the power of the Master Healer is sure to be cherished at Christmastime and all year long.

Meet the Author:
Scott Johnson spent most of his childhood in Orem, Utah, where he gained a love for creative writing. Recognizing his potential at a young age, his teachers and family encouraged him to explore his developing writing talents.
Scott continued to craft imaginative and original stories through his teenage years and served as a yearbook writer and photographer in High School. He published his first book, Nutrition: A Word of Wisdom, in 2009, and has published more than 175 editorial pieces in various online publications.
Scott, his wife and four children reside in Utah County where they enjoy the mountains and outdoors. Scott is regularly asked by his children to share an original story, which he gladly obliges.


What a heart warming story.  It really makes you see how lucky we are to have Jesus in our lives, and to know he is always there.

Jeremy had been injured as a young child in a car accident.  Many people thought it was a miracle that he was alive.  Jeremy did not always think that - he wished he was not in a wheel chair and that he didn't have to have people help him.  They helped him at home and at school.  He wished that he could play out in the snow with the other children. 

Christmas Eve Jeremy went to bed feeling bad about not being able to walk - and he had a wonderful dream. You will have to read the book to find out what happens. You will also have to listen to the beautiful music that goes with the story.  I am sure you will love this story.

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  1. Thanks for posting Kay! I am glad you enjoyed the book and CD! ~ Scott